Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's Talk is Right Again

We are amazing we know, but this one is for the books. Back before Steven Binko's Epic Fail, "The Escape" ever started, we called his bluff and told the world what a Fraud the Binks was.

AmandaRama tells us, "The prizes were never awarded to the contestants of The Escape so as far as I know the whole contest is null and void."

We were wondering why the Binks up and left BlogTv, he's a crook.

So the Bink's could not spend 2 or 3 thousand on a cruise and a couple of runner up gifts out of $40,000.00 GEEEESSSSS Binks maybe you should not have bought all those gawd awful clothes, cologne, iPods, storage sticks for your phones, terabytes and sex toys for your personal use.

We knew from the get go when we reported that the binks never got the filming permits or the 3 million dollar insurance policy needed by law to film a legitimate production in the State of Florida.

Man, Fraudulent Reality Shows, Fraudulent Fundraisers (not Howie or Dfizzy the others), Felony Stalking, Harassment, Death Threats. BlogTv is more like an internet crime ring, than a live internet community to come and make friends and have fun.

BlogTv should make a new catch phrase. "A place where you can get ripped off, harassed or maybe even killed LIVE on BlogTv."

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