Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where's the people?

This is devastating, Saturday afternoon numbers, are real scary. We are wondering how long BlogTv will remain open. No Matthew Lush, he is like a BlogTv has been now, he hasn't been around in weeks, not even the lone YouTuber that didn't make it to the gathering today. The loss of the many broadcasters that have packed their bags and left BlogTv, is really starting to show with the numbers on the #1 LIVE NOW page today. It is a far cry from stickam's 22,500 plus people on at the same time.
Blog_Fag-1 only had 27 viewers


Maybe Binko can have his grandma take another loan out on her house for another $40.000 and buy BlogTv anything would be better than who runs it now, after buying BlogTv he would have $30.000 to blow this time.

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Let's Stalk said...

sounds like someones been sniffin some stickam ass :)