Sunday, December 28, 2008

The "Reality" of
"The Escape"

As we all know this so called "Reality Show" has been shrouded in controversy, from the get go, from binks BBF at the time DeeinBC being a contestant to the no permits to conduct a legal production.

After this weekends slip up in an "escape contestants" show, camp binko can blame them and not us. The question on every ones mind is, Who won the Escape? AMANDARAMA won the cruise CONGRATS Amanda you and bob have fun. We are hoping you actually do receive the prize. We also want to thank everyone for their emails on this one.
But who are we fooling, no one of course, cause the show was rigged.

Our sources on the set of the escape tell us the following.

The truth about the Spam is they had alot more than Spam to eat, many trips to fast food restaurants, dinners and beers in "very cool" restaurants, night clubs and parties. We all heard about the "posh" party they attended, where most of the escape contestants got so drunk they made complete fools of themselves, they also attended some "roof top" parties as well. From what we understand the escape contestants were thanking Erika for providing the fun and good times, not the binks.

The ever so hetro acting gay guy, one2vibe aka Shane must have got shot down by new cast member 19 year old "Rob" as you can see in the photo one2Vibe getting "close" with the new cast member. This must have hurt the ego cause One2Vibe then went home with 2 guys he met at a club, where they only serve Hawaiian Punch and Spam we are guessing. One2Vibe was not having a very good time, not only did he and the binks almost come to blows One2Vibe also walked off the set within the first couple of days.

With twoseventeen's recordings of the binks, blowing open the fact he wanted to rig the show by changing the online polls to make the game turn out the way he needed it to. The binks then went from online polls to where EVERYONE could see the results to, in the middle of the game mind you, changed the voting from the internet polls to "text voting" right directly to his phone. Now if that wasn't the shadiest move ever made, we don't know what is. We are pretty sure the votes on the internet were not going the way binko wanted them to go.

"Binko ran around this place like he was mister something, shouting, telling people, "You will do it, I'm your boss." acting more like Adolf Hitler." As that is what the cast nicknamed him. Due to his intolerant attitude and personality.

The binks threatened Lorax with legal action twice, so we "threw" the legal ball at binko. When we asked binko about the permits and insurance he needs to film in the state of Florida and the insurance required by law to do a production of the category, the only thing we have heard back was, a Ball-less anon left a comment telling us he done so and we don't know what we are talking about. The binks has no problem recording little snippets of how much he spent on cameras and air mattress' and other things he bought for the escape and not to mention the personal items that he purchased with escape funds. Why no recorded shows of these permits and how much you spent on the 3 million dollars of insurance you needed to stay within the law?
Just an FYI it is against the law in Florida for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, that would be giving your 19 year old contestant beer as you can see in your recorded videos that BlogTv is hosting. To see this guy drink, serve and talk about drinking his beer you can watch the crime on binks recorded shows, unless he deleted it, we know how the binks likes to delete his incriminating videos.


Anonymous said...

lol I thought you guys woulda posted something better than that lol like come on.

Anonymous said...

Well I was hoping for a little more detail. Hopefully you will be posting more on the escape and its failness.

Anonymous said...

I dont get it? how can you prove he is underage?

Let's Talk said...

Cause we are that good.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the permits; I don't think Binko cares enough about this site to even acknowledge ur guys bullshit anymore.