Saturday, December 27, 2008


Just like we promised a couple of months ago. We were going to bring you the most SHOCKING video at the end of December for the BlogTv Viewers, and here it is.

Kara Hannah the Community Leader of BlogTv telling her viewers, "Just hug someone and smoke a joint, life will be much better." She also announces a website for the "church of masturbation" to her viewers that could be the age of 13.

What is the utmost SCANDALOUS part of this video is where Kara Hannah allows PORN on BLOGTV and does not do one thing about it other than, offer her viewers to to go watch it. That's right, Kara Hannah the Community Leader of BlogTv did not want to ruin her show to go and stop PORN from broadcasting on BlogTv, she did not attempt to contact a mod_Stooge as you will see in the video a mod was on and working, she did nothing but look for a co-host for her LIVE show and offer her viewers that could be age 13 free porn on BlogTv. This woman should be ashamed.

The best part of this video is after the bumper at the very end. We bet she is eating those words about now. Funny what people show you when they think no one is watching.


Anonymous said...

This woman is a TOTAL DISGRACE and it's only a matter of time before this site is completely gone. I want my .ca blog back (wishful thinking though) booooo hooooo

Tabitha said...

If blogtv was an American company she would be fired.

If you were at a McDonalds with your 13 year old children and the manager of that store said these things, he would be fired, no questions asked.

If they want blogtv in America they need to show some respect for the kids they invite to their site.

Anonymous said...

you know what is so funny about this lame ass video u guys posted and put a copy right on is it came from some one else just like all ur photo's u took off blog you say you got so many law suites against people but the truth of the matter is you dont cause u know you will go to jail yourself ha ha and yes i know you wont post this comment but i had to tell u what i thought

Let's Talk said...

Well secret,

you might want to look up Journalism and the laws and use of UGC.

There is a reason places like ours not to mention, The Star, National Enquirer and People copyright their stories, television shows like, ET, Inside Edition and gossip shows copyright there video, because %90 of the time it is collected much like we collect ours UGC and or public display.

You may keep on with your slander that is your choice.

Our blog has been flagged as told to us many times by (so called) many people.

We have not been contacted by any person from blogger telling us any reasons to put up the adult splash nor have we been forced to do so nor have we been "shut down" for childporn.

You may keep on with your slander that is your choice.

You seem to be a very bitter and hate filled person, as to why we do not visit your site any longer.

sweaverit said...

Wow. Color me surprised. I knew she was ridiculous when I talked to her last about the petition I started to push the age restriction back up to 16-18+, but I didn't know just HOW ridiculous. That's disturbing, and un-called for. Thank you for fighting this issue. I hope it will eventually do some good.