Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mr. NOT Popular

No matter what the Epic Failure shawn1979r does he just can't make it on BlogTv or in life, so he shows us. He has been a member of BlogTv for a very long time with many BlogTv Accounts including the failed Deadon where those videos don't even have 10 views and they are well over 1 year old. Even with the recent lack of users that have not been on BlogTv, he still can't seem to get viewers or hits on his videos or traffic to his lame little gossip site. Many broadcasters have been letting everyone how they don't care for the failed show host/musician/webmaster. How his prank phone call shows just are not funny, and with his very odd sense of humor and lack of personality there's not much there to keep you watching. Hell even the BlogTv's own trailer trash, Whiteboy712 knows this guy is a total douche bag.

Recent shows max people 5 and he says he was "gifted" a PRO Account lolz

Recent video contest LOST big time. LAST PLACE
Oh my god, our sides hurt from all the lolz

shawn1979r gets no viewers in his shows, no video views, but you have a kick ass gossip site?!? Ya, ok, gotcha lil guy.


Let's Stalk said...


Let's Talk said...

Like we have said in the past we don't get many comments. never have, but it's not about the comments is all about the traffic.

Comments don't pay, traffic does and we thank you for all of your traffic, the 50 plus hits a day we get from you.