Monday, April 13, 2009

BlogTv Tips and Tricks

To bad these tips and tricks are not for the fun and easy viewing of BlogTv.

We have received many emails with people complaining about having to refresh there pages due to the new interactive commercials. When you land in a persons room you can hear them for a few seconds then after the commercial plays you have no sound from the broadcaster. We have learned from the past that when ever BlogTv starts adding new advertising to the site there are ALWAYS problems, and it always seems that the "bugs" are in BlogTv's favor.As some of you know when using internet ads on your site, the sponsors pay per page loaded or ad's seen. Meaning every time you have to refresh your page that counts as one time the commercial has been seen. So when your broadcasting and say you get on average 22 people in your room, when these 22 people have to refresh 4 times in order to hear your show that's 88 times on your show alone that the commercial is viewed, meaning more money for BlogTv.

Many people have complained to BlogTv and us with this problem. If you remember not to long ago it was freezing shows and freezing chat boxes and now with the new interactive commercials they cut the sound off making you have to refresh and making them money probably making up for the PRO accounts that don't see commercials again BlogTv not thinking out there money making strategies.

We know BlogTv is on the hunt for 2 million dollars, but do they have to rip off their traffic to make their money... it looks like it. And they wonder why so many people are leaving BlogTv. Looks like the ad dept. at BlogTv has just as many brains as Kara Hannah, none.

We are looking into who the ad company they use is and let them know whats going on just like we did with the google ads, seems after we contacted Google about the "freezing shows" and F5ing that was going on, they fixed the probalem ASAP. Advertisers don't like to get ripped off.

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