Sunday, April 12, 2009

BlogTv's Bully shawn1979r
Caught in the Act

We are guessing that the failure we have come to know as shawn1979r just can't stand it when people get more attention than he does. This weekend Dfizzy and a group of other BlogTv broadcasters set out to raise money for kids, well this didn't set well with shawn1979r. As we reported early on in the competition Dfizzy got harassing phone calls from shawn1979r, The bully not being that bright, as we all have seen with his failed websites, Dfizzy recognized shawn1979r's voice. When Dfizzy made his complaint to mod_sharon mod_stooge, the Stooge tells him she needs proof...

We guess video of harassing phone calls made from a person that is in the BlogTv chat room to a minor is not proof.

We are also guessing that this mod_sharon could very well be Kara Hannah they both have the same stuck up arrogant attitude as you can see in the mod_Stooges responses to this seventeen year old kid and his mother. Telling them, "let's get a few things straight, we don't block anyone without proof." and "if we blocked peoples accounts on hearsay you would have been blocked long ago." If only the Stooge would have looked at the video THAT'S PROOF of the person calling Dfizzy was in the BlogTv chat room she could have got the IP address and turned it over to the police for a person harassing a minor and his parents. BUT NOOOOOOO mod Stooge rather ban Dfizzy and be done with it instead of doing the job they get paid for and keeping the BlogTv community SAFE.

We know for a FACT shawn1979r was harassing this 17 year old minor child in the photos below that were taken just minutes after Dfizzy mom took their phone off the hook and Sharon closed dfizzy's account. shawn1979r enters Dfizzy's other room spamming this minor 17 years old, "Can we see Howie's naked tea bag photos."
We are sure Kara Hannah's response will be, "There is nothing wrong with wanting to see tea bags they are used to make tea." Just like her lame ass response to the Pedo Bear. "That is just a cute little cartoon bear on South Park." YES, the dumb bitch is THAT lame and just that stupid to not see the word "naked".

And if that is not enough proof that shawn1979r harasses people here are other screen shots sent to us of another person that shawn is harassing. This time a girl and she could see right off the bat he's a pedo.

We know for FACT Kara Hannah herself has closed accounts and told the BlogTv account member that was shut down "Due to a story/screen caps posted on Lets Talk BlogTv your account has been blocked." Let's see if her pedo buddy shawn1979r's account gets closed. We have more than proof enough here that shawn1979r has committed lewd and lascivious behaviour towards a minor child and harassment of other BlogTv members.

Dfizzy was talking about leaving BlogTv due to this harassment. If Dfizzy leaves that will make almost 10 broadcasters leaving BlogTv in a month. Dfizzy is a huge draw for people and if they lose him, there will not be that many left to fill the pay checks of the Ad Share people and well, if it takes them 4 months to make $100.00 they will be better off at a lower paying site, at least they will get checks more often than every 3 or 4 months.

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