Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why is BlogTv promoting lousy shows and con men

We know that people are leaving BlogTv faster than rats jumping off a sinking ship. But is this any reason for BlogTv to be promoting rip off artists and people that only pull in 6 to 8 viewers for a "Big Weekend Show".

Over the Easter weekend BlogTv was promoting two shows, Gmarcin16 and Candy Rain.

We all remember Gmarcin16 the brains behind "BlogTv Gives Back" the fundraiser that was for St Jude Children's Research Center another show blogTv promoted and blogged about, and well the money never made it to the charity and everyone that donated was ripped off. This time he is trying to give away "The Escape" garbage that Binko sent to him that the failed "Escape Store" never sold. Interesting the con man Binko supplying Gmarcin16 the rip off artist. Gmarcin16 ended up canceling the last show cause no one showed up to the first two shows. Photo Courtesy of BlogTv in the SpotLight

And the second show that BlogTv was promoting was CandyRain and well this chick could not even pull in 10 viewers all weekend.Photo Courtesy of BlogTv in the SpotLight

So who is choosing to promote these shows, that's right Kara Hannah, The woman can't even mod a website much less promote a show worth watching. We are not sure if any contestants were awarded any prizes.

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