Saturday, March 28, 2009

The numbers are falling

Saturday morning when everyone is home and not going to school or work the ratings on BlogTv were at an all time low. only 566 people online over there at the BlogTv. This is embarrassing compared to the thousands that are LIVE on JustinTv and Stickam.


MeowTV said...

Well maybe because evrybody is preparing for the YouTube Party this week end.

But oh wait, you should know that, werent you invited?

Guess not :)

Let's Talk said...

We are not a youtube site.

Why would we have been invited? :)

Anonymous said...

why would anyone invite you anywhere :) you guys are the blog known for posting kids pictures.

Let's Talk said...

map loco - Mississauga, ON, Canada Sat, 28 Mar 2009 12:26:15

2 minutes before the anon post

Let's Talk said...

That is true we are known for posting many BlogTv violations that the mod_stooges don't catch with underage broadcasters that are LIVE for hours on end just being one of them.

We also post death theats, adult movies, harassment and many other BlogTv TOS violations, what's your point ball-less Anon?