Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Ratings Batman

Friday night and the number showing on the first page of BlogTv are way low. Just weeks ago, before 4 or 5 of BlogTv's big broadcasters packed their bags and hit the road, the top row of shows always had 200 plus people in them. This Friday the first 9 shows didn't even have 500 people. shaycarl only had 70 viewers. That's bad :(
The talk on the interwebz is, when BlogTv started selling their "PRO" accounts not only what they offered for 25 bucks a year is a complete and utter joke but also made them look money hungry, as if all the ads aren't enough to show that. BlogTv thinks they are going too sell in 2010 and make millions, they are in for rude awakening. No one is not going to pay big bucks for a site with a bad reputation.

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