Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just for shitz and giggles

Some gossip site like to hype lie about their traffic among other things, only to make it seem like thay have a following when in all actullity they are a FAIL like the many other sites shawn1979r has tried to make work. Just a hint, don't lie, people don't like lies, just look at the popularity of the past president Bush, no one likes him or pathetic tries at a website.This is a search done from Jan 1, 2009 to March 25, 2009 and well anyone can post a graph and say what they want. The one thing you find here is that we always report TRUTH with PROOF. Poor shawn1979r, it sure must be sad to live in a world of delusion. Looks like BlogTv even made a sub page with our widget. awww thanks Kara. As a few of you might know the hater site likes to post and at one time steal our content, the one thing that got our attention is that they never posted a maploco... Why you ask, well that's because maploco posts the city and state where your viewers are located, and well if they had one of those that would show the lies that, that site spews.

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