Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good Night, Sweet Prince

Well it looks like BlogTv has lost one of their favorite News Reporting Shows. Rusty The Independant Reporter is throwing in the towel, His hobbie of reporting the news on BlogTv and other media outlets is no longer. We wish him the very best.


Anonymous said...

For all his faithful viewers it is definitely a sad thing that he has decided to leave blog. But to all his loyal friends, it is very well understood.

To all the spammers, haters and riffraff morons... just know, you didn't run him off... life is just way more important than your attempt to ruin a great broadcasters show!

Rusty is a great journalist and I wish him well and hope that he continues his writing and freelance commentaries when he is ready, he really did give a fair, unbiased news report unlike so much of the mainstream media.

We did not always see eye to eye on a number of things, but it never came between the good friendship we had/have, that is the sign of a good broadcaster.

It may be over now, but we do not know the future, so at my silly little attempt at trying to be an optimist instead of the pessimist that I am..... I am choosing to hope that he will at a later date... return to blogtv or some other broadcast site! (But being a true pessimist, I don't really expect it!) LOL

MeowTV said...

It is sad to see one of the show i watch regulary go away. But i do understand the reasons and i wish rusty farewell.

Ok, that was me beeing nice.

Now let's start the conspiracy:

-1- Do you REALLY want me to believe that a reporter will leave and delete evrything without even posting a video? even Binko done it.

-2- quitting the EXACT same day as BlogTV finaly starts the JR program, for he was a primary advocate of it???? cmon.

-3- 5 days after his reportage on the FEMA camps? i smell a rat. Did the men in black forced him to quit?

-4- quiting the next day after DJS announced that "the other show who was bullying him had been 'taken care off'"?

-5- 1 day after that video about the "real meaning of journalism".

-6- "resigning for personal issues" in the common CNN excuse for evrything.

shall i continue, that's 9/11 all over again...

and dont get me started on the UpstateNY "vanishing act" issue..

draw your own conclusions.

how's that for a conspiracy theory?

signed: Meow, meow, meow, and so on :)

Let's Stalk BlogTv said...


even all this drama and you still cant generate traffic lol

Let's Talk said...


Our traffic has never changed for the worse it has only gotten better check out the counter, that is one reason we put it up only to prove your slander/harassment and to collect for any lost traffic you have tried to distract to bad we cant collect those damages cause our traffic is only gotten better last month alone we got over 10.000 hits - yes we write the numbers down everyday as to calulate damages for lost monies. Comments we never really got any comments to begin with and we dont care about comments only traffic that you will be repaying us for lost monies due to your harassment. See ya in court lil guy.