Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Photo Courtesy of Binko102

Looks like Binko is also jumping ship. The Binks has announced that he is leaving BlogTv for good, he has yet to finish season 1 of the Escape, he has yet to publish his CD. As we mentioned almost 2 months ago Binko has lost it that his career is over on the BlogTv and was about to end. We also questioned back in January if we were going to see AmandaRama win the show. Damn two for two are we good or what. We suggest a job and counseling for The Binks, but as with all burned out stars even to tired to play Vegas he will probably retreat to one of his many homes and become addicted to pain killers like every other self respecting has been.

With all the people jumping ship... Is there another site out there offering more money???

1 comment:

MeowTV said...

Well , my guess is that: with the JR program in effect, the majority of his viewers will not be able to watch him anymore.

ya, i'm a mean cat, but i assume it.