Friday, March 6, 2009

Aint nothing but a chicken wing

Well it looks like now that BlogTvJr is up the mods are no longer patrolling the BlogTv adult side of things.
These guys have had accounts open for 2 days now just broadcasting away. It seems that every time BlogTv opens a door only to bring in money they slip up and are not able to control the entire domain. Come on BlogTv get the act together, BlogTv is losing people left and right this morning alone the stats were at the lowest we have seen them in a long time.Again we are blocking out the name of theses kids only so BlogTv's Kara Hannah cannot leech off our stories and close the accounts. DO YOUR JOB KARA!!! Maybe if Kara Hannah and her mods did their jobs they would get the "respect" they so crave and desire.

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