Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HoboMandas CP Game Show

This sounds like something that's played at a baby shower, but still sounds fun. If you want to be part of the game HoboManda is asking that you send in a recent photo and a baby photo of yourself to HoboManda@gmail.com, then on Monday the 9th at 10pm eastern time HoboManda will show your photos and have the viewers guess who the baby photos are. Here's BlogFag and he will fill ya in.

1 comment:

MeowTV said...

Actually, it's a pretty good idea for a show.

C'mon! a real show, with a real theme like on TV but on blogTV??? who are they kidding :)

Anyway i wonder if the little kid had any idea he will end up one day beeing that "openly gay dude with a rabbit hat" broadcasting on blogtv ?

I aslo really wonder what Amandarama or the others "The content of my show is inside my bra" hostests, looked like as kids (no pedo, just curious).

Just imagine DJS as a punk 16yo kid with a moowhawk on his head :)