Saturday, March 7, 2009

From our readers

This is not shocking to us but it is for some people. From our readers this morning shows us that mod_Ray does nothing about sexual abuse of a minor on BlogTv. We know in the past mod_Ray is a bit lame and does not do his job. We will post the links to the screen caps taken with the description of the capture. We ourselves have busted mod_Ray Here and Here If you search "moderators" on our blog you can see most of these "can't catch everything's" are on the days mod_Ray and mod_Tina work.
The email reads;

The photos below you will find a 16 year old from Cali who was clearly being sexually harassed. There had been a mod in there when I first got into the room Mod_Ray who did nothing. In the first photo you'll see that Mod_Ray has asked her to be on the front page, instead of dealing with the pervs. I wish I had taken a screen shot when he was there. But he bounced right as i snapped this shot.

Next this perv shows up wanting to Co ho and the drug talks begin. She, Lisa_Babe expresses how she wants to go get high.

Just gets better! Talk such as this and drug talk all while a Mod is lurking and communicating with Lisa_Babe (baby) which she expresses several times she is in PM with. ( Mod_Ray )

Then the pedo goes in for the kill......

All under the nose of a Mod. Fun stuff..... Blog keeps getting worse and worse.

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