Sunday, March 8, 2009

BlogFags Drama Show was a BUST

Where's the Drama,
question mark?!?

Is what many are asking after watching BlogFags Drama Show last night. Many are talking about the lack of drama in the show and it was more like watching an everyday Blog_Fag-1 show, with only co-hosting the "clique" and half naked guys there were no face offs there was no "real" drama at all.

The reason for BlogFags over 200 viewers was because he asked his 130 viewers to open another blogfag show, sign out of the new window and create a guest name then mute the new page, so you don't hear an echo. All because he has a viewers beef with Dfizzy and to gain viewers. Really BlogFag Really.

BlogTv may want to think about paying Phattt Cherry to do a show every couple of weeks or so, her DRAMA shows were fabulous and very entertaining and she allowed anyone up to spout off their dramas, complaints and concerns. There is nothing in the bible or any religion that says anything about hosting Drama Shows as being a sin.

Here is what RockShowScott had to say about BlogFags show.


Gabe said...

If Phat Cherry doesn't want to do it, Lorax should do it. He would actually know how to do it. You know, Chuck is awesome, but he's too nice to host a drama show.

Kyle said...

Lorax and Hobomanda were both co-host and both talked some good drama, but besides that ehh...
Still I enjoyed it, if he decides to do another one I will be there. And Also I love the subtitle "Wheres The Drama Question Mark"

MeowTV said...

I did infact enjoy that long Lorax show with Chuck as cohost.

I was a nice try, let's hope the next one will be better.

Altought i would advise Chuck to give me a call next time he want to start his show, so i have time to kill he's noisy roommate or whatever was playing guitar hero 3 during the whole show.

My favorite part was of course the awsome WhiteGuy rant that i had to shamelessly exploit in my new video: