Monday, March 9, 2009

HoboMandas CP Show

Great idea for a show HomoManda. Very Funny. If you missed it take a look. We hope you do it again.


whiterliar said...

i had a blast jerking off to all the pictures.

MeowTV said...

I did love that show a lot.

Especially the part when the people were saying: "WHO?????"


(i did send her my picture as a kitten, because some ppl on BlogTV may had a chance to guess right, the first time :)

Gabe said...

I liked lorax's where the diaper was falling off.

HoboManda said...

Thanks guys! I had a blast. I am in fact going to do another one next month (date to be determined) so the people who missed out on sending a baby pic and recent pic to me can.

So if you're reading this, send me a child picture and a recent picture in an email to with your blogtv screen name as the title. :)