Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WTF is this all about

Tonight while mod_Stooge mod_Ray was fucking off in Lorax's room We found this 14 year old kid doing a show. Now we know what the mods are up to. NOT doing their job but enjoying BlogTv as if they are a customer.Do these mod_Stooges get in trouble when they out right don't do their jobs... We doubt it or there would be better moderation.


CharmingBritishGuy said...

This kid and about two others are habitual broadcasters. I have flagged on several occasions, only to see them in a few days under different account names. While mod_Ray was saying in lorax's room “there is no love going round” these kids still get on their cam and show. mod_Ray has been in lorax's room on more than one occasion for a social visit. I mean it's all good if mod ray comes in under a regular account, but to abuse his “responsibility” just so everyone else can blow smoke up his ass, then you have to think about the maturity of these people that are supposedly controlling blogTV.

Back to the original point at hand, this kid and a few other just keep coming back. It's not that difficult to restrict the IP address of these kids, so they can't broadcast then only to set up a new account. Maybe for all new accounts that start to broadcast there should be a vetting procedure in which the mod's can get an instant thumbnail and decide whether or not appropriate action should be taken.

Kyle said...

WTF this is about is Mod_Ray responding to rooms with the most flags first. Only if there are no flags can mods roam the site for TOS violations. This makes sense to you right? Go to the rooms where people are actually flagging and being affected. But seriously who decided to flag Lorax's show.

UpJumpUp said...

The best part, is that for about 3 hours previous to Lorax's show, and during his show, I was in a room that was being raided and flooded.

We flagged the room at least 40 times over the period of 3 hours, and when I left to go see Lorax's show, there was a Mod sitting there having a good time.


Tabitha said...

I think Let's Talk has showen the mods are nothing but slackers over and over and over again.

Why don't they hire people that want to do their job.

They should "out source" to the USA and get better mods.