Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BlogTv's Most Repulsive

TheMan in training. Some of you might remember TheMan the old foul mouthed troll that has been perma banned from BlogTv. Well it looks like the troll may have been reincarnated as WhiteBoy712. The similarities between these two are scary.

They both, chain smoke
drink from cans
cuss like they are 12 and getting away with something
have no brain whatsoever
never have anything intelligent to say
try to convince everyone they are heterosexual
laugh at everything they say
they dress the same
they both have a messed up teeth

Tonight he was telling his haters that all he as to do is email Kara Hannah and he can get anyone banned. Really WhiteBoy712 are you that BadAss?
We wonder how long it will be before WhiteTrash712 Whiteboy712 will be perma banned from BlogTv? Probably not long if he keeps posting messages like RACIST on his screen.

1 comment:

MeowTV said...

Strange comparaison. Can you really picture WhiteTrash721 (© 1st_order btw) talking with a pirate accent and yelling "Yoooooo WAZZZZZUP, suck a fat dick" and so on ????

At least, TheMan was funny for evolved species who could see pass his "screen character".