Thursday, March 26, 2009

An interesting website

We found this Blog that is run by the law firm Nessinbaum Law Group, LLC.

We thought it would be a good site for HOWIEREPORTNGLIVE, Tabitha and RxWarrior and anyone else that has been harassed and slandered by the gossip sites and shawn1979r.

There is alot of information on this site on how to get your law suit started and possibly even a legal team to back you up. Be sure and check them out.
To get started read this on Cyber Bullying and Internet Defamation.

The owner of this website tells us that,
"Sometimes people who make such postings are not as anonymous as they might think, Of course, our law firm is committed to defending the First Amendment constitutional right to anonymous speech. However, in appropriate cases, when that speech crosses the line and enters the arena of wrongful misconduct, we stand ready to assist."
~ ~ Gary D. Nissenbaum, Esq.
Nissenbaum Law Group, LLC

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Tabitha said...

Calling them right now.

Thanks :)