Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mods Fail or Money Maker?

We are wondering if the mods are not doing their jobs or if this is happening due to the lack of traffic on BlogTv to make up for lost monies and now they allow the kiddies to stay on BlogTv for a while.This kid has been broadcasting since Oct. 13, 2008 and makes frequent recordings the latest being 4 days ago. EPIC FAIL MODS and KARA HANNAH or does it boil down to the money. Now watch the account be closed. We ask again how can a "lame" gossip site catch this and the BlogTv moderators and the community leader can't?
Why do we post this? To show lack of BlogTv moderation.
What do we do with the photos? they are deleted.
Why are the faces shown? Why not, there is no names or address.
If the parents have a problem, watch your kids.


Tabitha- said...

BLOGTV needs to get on the ball

i bet the blogtv jr is infested with the pedos.

i also noticed that shawn1979r has not been on latley ill bet hes perving on the kiddies on blogtv jr

Steven said...

If blogtv thinks they are going to get a dime for their company, the managment sucks, their servers sucks, the moderation sucks, they will be lucky to sell it for 100.00

Anonymous said...

im sure the pervs are all over blogtv jr