Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a joke

Now you can PAY MONEY to be hounded by Pedophiles and psychotic 4Channers. BlogTv has introduced a Premium Account you pay $24.99 per year to be hounded by freaks that you can come to BlogTv and get for free. If you are going to pay for the service of BlogTv how are these paying customers going to feel about the constant child abuse and the bombardment of 4 channers that dampen the fun of BlogTv. BlogTv really doesn't do much research before opening their doors to stupid shit.So what do you get for $24.99 a year, 8 emotes, more storage that we were told was lowered because of youtube, more lies, this was only to be able to charge you now, no waiting rooms and a badge to show your a fool for buying this stuid shit. We are betting they sell about NONE.


Kyle said...

The only thing that looks appealing in this is the getting in the main room faster. $25 is a bit much for that. I disagree with you in some of your articles, but yes this is a joke.

Jane1963 said...

Well... a couple of my friends DID buy the new accounts. They are broadcasters, and they are VERY happy with them because of the accounts being private, and NO ads.

The two particular broadcasters were bombarded with haters and they really felt a since of relief when their broadcasts were Harassment FREE,once they went private.

They really like the idea of the NO pop up ads now as well. So I am wondering about the ad revenue program I signed up for. Is that going to wipe out that program now?
I don't understand that aspect of of the ad revenue program, I really can't seem to make head nor tails of the ad revenue program either.

I really don't think I will be going "PRO" at all. Unless they make the "non paying" accounts so sucky that it is impossible to broadcast. Which I hope they don't do. But for some reason, I see that coming.

I don't go to the you tubers shows, so I don't need a SPECIAL seat(LOL).

I am used to the ads now, they don't bother me,I just click the X. Besides isn't that how blog supports their site?

I am not interested in having "private" shows, otherwise how would my friends and I make more friends in my shows,if I went private?

I only use three to five miniutes of recording time anyway, and I get bored watching recordings that are longer than that. So I usually turn them off after a couple of minutes or so.

The new can do with the ones we have. I only use two or three anyway.

Up loading flash banners and background immages???? I don't know how to do that stuff anyway.

I came to blogtv because it was FREE. I like FREE :) I will take it if it is offered to me for free.

If other broadcasters like and enjoy the "Pro" account,and want to purchase it, well...heck..some people think I am silly with some of the stuff I spend my money on too... so what ever they want to do.....whatever.

Baketron said...

So is this what they've actually been doing, instead of the tools they promised to make to help protect the children?

Let's Talk said...

We second that. Baketron

Mary said...

What a joke!!! It seems the whiners of blog who get harrassed seem more important than putting in tools to protect kids. The whiners need to toughen up and deal with it; everyone gets haters, like cry me a fucking river. These new features might limit some harrassment but wont stop it totally so I will save my money.

Jane1963 said...

Yes Baketron,

I was thinking that too, but I decided not to say much on that this time.
I have been informed by Oren Levy, CEO of blogtv, that now they have finished the "PRO" accounts they will begin launching the new teen site. Which will be finished in about three weeks.
I was much impressed with his professionalism and answers to my questions,(unlike that of Kara Hanahs)when he explained the details of the "tools" and safety features of this new site for the teens.

Yes I agree that the priories are not in order here at all. Getting the teens off of this Adult site should be more of an priority than this "PRO" account. But, I thought I would wait and see if they really come through this time, in three weeks, before i get my tail feathers all ruffled up again over this.

Like I said I was impressed with the replies I got from this new CEO when I addressed these issues to him, so I am hoping for a positive turn out. I guess we just have to wait and see.


MeowTV said...

Only 25$ to get the animated farting emoticon? priceless!

And you can totaly spam the mail server of your dear friends by making 1 "private" show evry 2 minutes!!!!

Hillarious! I bet they didnt thought that far ahead. Imagine ppl that have like 500 friends listed... they all testing the feature at the same time? endless fun :)

Baketron said...

Hey Jane,

It's nice to know that some people over at BTV can be professional. However, I'm wondering if you/we are suppose to be so impressed with his professionalism that we don't notice that this just might be another lie.


To justify all this, BTV (Kara Hannah) will probably say something along the lines of having no money, and they had to make the pro account first to help fund the protective tools for the children.

Jane1963 said...

I know Baketron...

You are right, we have heard this before. I remember that excuse once before from Kara Hannah, when they were stringing us along months ago about the new teen site. That was three months ago when we got the new pages with new features.

But..I am not corresponding with Kara Hannah anymore. I have been going straight to Mr.Blogtv himself. He may just be the new and improved Mr.Blogtv. They got a new CEO recently.

I think maybe he is being straight up. I hope he isn't trying to humor me and stringing us along, as the likes of Kara Hannah.

Lets look at this again two weeks from Sunday.

We will see...