Sunday, February 8, 2009

BlogTv's Bogus LIVE now pages

Our only source to monitor the BlogTv rooms is the LIVE NOW pages, weeks ago we were thinking we were seeing double, as the last 2 pages of the LIVE NOW section of BlogTv were the same. This morning as we were doing our jobs, there were only 2 pages of shows on the LIVE NOW section. When we clicked to view page number two, it was just a copy of page one, with a couple of shows in different spots.We know there are alot of people not happy with the way BlogTv is ran and the moderation of the site. This is probably the reason for the return of the older broadcasters as there has been a huge lack of YouTubers broadcasting or anyone for that matter. So for BlogTv to make the site look more popular than it really is, they double the last pages of shows. How lame is that?!?The problem with BlogTv. They need to run the place like a real business get REAL people that have some business know how, hire a few moderators and stop with the "friends" and "family" that run the place, get rid of the harassment on BlogTv and they might be able to keep people around. But until then, they will be chasing the ol' mighty dollar until they run dry.

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MeowTV said...


Now for the fun part of this screen shot:
- the real joke is the avertisment "Before and After" on the right side which made me think of making this video:

(not sure many will get the punch line tho)