Sunday, February 8, 2009

From our readers

This weekend much like every other weekend was full of titties and minors and masturbating perverts. The first two photos were sent all the way from across the pond. When we are closed our UK reader was able to catch all these people. So the moderation problem is alot bigger than we thought not during a few hours but a 24/7 BlogTv moderation problem.

These photos were sent in by our regular BlogTv room moderator. More photos of abuse of minors, This went on for hours. What is so ironic is the first picture states as you enter the room NO HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND. So where were the mods this weekend?

Was this hard to spot. Not really right there on the front page.

We are guessing that it is OK for you to show marijuana pipes on BlogTv as long as you have a half ounce of weed to go along with your 4 pipes.

And meet 14 year old gamer, pierssail.

Let's not forget about NewMusicTV you know the 50 year old man that was banned for harassing a minor child. He's back and broadcasted all night Saturday night. GREAT MODERATION BLOGTV. So if BlogTv can't keep minors, drugs and banned members off the BlogTv adult site, how are we to believe that the new Teens Site is safe? BlogTv sure wants your money but when you are being harassed and abused BlogTv says a great big F-U to you.

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