Saturday, February 7, 2009

Matthew Lush

This weekend is starting out like last weekend no shows from the internet's gay princess Matthew Lush. We are not sure what is going on but we do know it has to do with one of two things.We have been told that tensions are growing between Matt and Connor and that ConnerJon told Miss Matt to take a hike. Knowing that Connor is a huge draw for viewers on the BlogTv show, with Connor not being there like it was 3 weeks ago on Matt's last weekend of doing a show.Is Miss Matt not yet ready to tell her fans that the arm candy is getting licked by someone else and that the drop in the rating could be devastating to his adshare paycheck?

The second reason could be that Miss Matt is busy trying to be Paris Hiltons new BFF on MTV Paris' BFF Season 2. He is ranked up there at #1 on (a website binko might want to look into but were not sure how they feel about cheating on votes)We are guessing it's the break up and the loss of viewers could be harmful to his ego.

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