Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God save The Queen MichaelTang

Well it looks like the latest victim of the "Brown Noser Bitch's" is Michael Tang.
One of mod_Tina's mod_Stooge's little brown nosers got Michael Tang banned over night for showing hottie females in bikinis. We have not seen any of the photos he was showing, we know Michael has been around long enough not to show nude photos on BlogTv. This sent many emails our way. Here are just a few of them. They are interesting to say the least. An insider tells us that, when Michael contacted Kara Hannah about this situation she "went off on him" and was very rude. Yeah Michael we know how Kara can be, especially when she does not want to do her job and Mod_Alex turned his account back on.

Why is this so wrong?

We will tell you. Kara Hannah's best buddy, self proclaimed pedophile White_Liar aka White_devil and god knows how many other names, was on line for hours one night showing a bare assed teenage boy and his account is still open. Just goes to show you that the Pedophiles like White_Liar and the boozer Michael Jackson pedophile lover shawn1979r can do as they please on BlogTv cause they kiss the ass of Kara Hannah... Or is something else in the air, stay tuned.This also is a perfect example why shawn1979r the person that runs let stalk IS A PEDOPHILE. He claims Let's Talk is an outlet for CP cause we post photos from BlogTv of the underage broadcasters. As we have explained before we do this only to show the LACK of moderation on BlogTv and the abuse these kids go through. When any sexual chat is going on, the eyes are blocked because the sexual abuse that is going on in the chat room, when a minor is sitting in a room on cam, clothed and telling their age engaged in normal nonsexual chat, that is not CP and the eyes are not blocked out if there is no abuse going on.

QUESTION? with all the posts on his site calling us pedophiles with no proof mind you and the determination he shows. Why no mention of White_Liar he shows nude boys on his show for hours on end as you see in his thumbnail above. Why is he not outting the perverts names like we have in the past. HERE and HERE and there are a more just search "perv" you should find them all.

Why because he is one himself. He does not want us to catch him in the act. So his motive is, to try and make us look bad before he gets caught in the new teen site. And in doing so, is what is going to cause all of his grief.

Why else does he just want us and everyone else to SHUT UP about the pedophiles?
He has never answered that question.

The hater has posted about this story. And Again. He still has not answered the question. Why does he want everyone to shut up about the pedos. Things that make you go hummmmmmmmm

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