Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pervs of the Week

The pervs to watch out for.
allgirl9, fdd, Get_Nekkid, chonchon, mAmphetamine, oh_herro, halomaster420, RayGold

These are the freaks that ask these kids to show body parts, fight naked, kiss and alot of other things that kids should not be exposed to.

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SCN said...

I stumbled over this blog by accident whilst googling for an alternative to BlogTV.

I used to be a frequent chatter/viewer on Blog TV, but haven't checked the site out for a few months as I was travelling. I get back and find it's totally changed, to the point it's almost an entirely different site.

Those few months back BlogTV was a place to escape all the juvenille drama of sites like Stickam. It had a more adult crowd (aged something like 25 - 60) , and rooms were devoted to all manner of topics from conspiracy theories to religion, comedy and politics. People were properly entertaining, and people were having proper discussions. There was a community feel and people of all ages were gathering to chat together.

It was a refreshing alternative to the immature mayhem all too common on sites like Stickam.

Now I find EVERY user I remember from that time has gone, and the site has become nothing better than a mini-Stickam, and seemingly the only time different ages mix is when a pedo is hitting on a little kid!

It's an incredibly sad state of affairs.

BlogTv used to be unique amongst live cam sites, being porn, pre-teen and predator free. It seems in an effort to compete with Stickam they've now dropped the standards which created that situation. I believe by choosing to go down that route, rather than building on the solid and unique community style of foundation they had previously, BlogTV won't last more than a couple of years tops.

With their radical change in direction they've chosen to compete in a market where the kings are already very firmly crowned. If an established livecam site like is having trouble holding its own in that enviroment, BlogTV have NO chance as the newbies.

RIP BlogTV. Another casualty of the culture of dumbing down.