Friday, November 21, 2008

A Special Pervs of the Week

Tonight was an interesting Friday to say the least, miki_rox the "now kids" for the pedos was on from about 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST. holding #1 spot with over 100 viewers at times, even beating out MatthewLush for well over 3 hours.

The pervs are: BRArackoBRAma, ohlolz444, PEWZ, thechrisportershow, TMK, TheDevilsLeftHand and arosrtep

Kara Hannah says, "BTW our site is most definitely monitored 24/7...didn't you know that? but this goes on for 3 hours?!?

We are guessing it's ok for young girls to hear, show us your tits, kiss each other, show us your feet, are you a virgin, need we go on?

To all those that second guess our stories and our "opinions" we say, "what?"
IS your cutting edge BlogTv information source.


Anonymous said...

I really love how this site backs up the stories with photos. so far this site has nailed everything thats wrong with blog and its a shame that kara hannah cant own up to the job that she has and that is to run a safe and pleasurable online blogging site. for this to go on, how is it they did all the research to know how to run a site with advertising to young kids, and allow this to go on, 3 minutes is to long for this behaviour. i am curious to read what kara hannah has to say, and if she comes back with this, "loving, caring and busy mods." nonsence that will go to show her sence of public relations.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. Kara Hannah's is just full of a bunch bull shit. She is just trying to appease the people when they complain or have concerns, for the time being. Then it eventually catches up with her. Many thanks to Lets Talk Blog TV for having the back up to prove this to be true about Kara and how she is doing HER job !

Anonymous said...

It's so funny that this whole site is dedicated to protecting children although they never send these screen caps and information to the mods right away and get it taken care of. obviously they care more about "sticking it to the man" (kara) than they care about these kids. its pretty clear.

Let's Talk said...

Whats even more funny is that,

We have flagged shows that have this going on and no mods ever show up.

So whats the point of sending them "right away" it's not like anything will be done "right away" only when a mod feels like doing their job and or is on the job.

But BlogTv has already shown us where their priorities lie and that is with the PAID BROADCASTERS of BlogTv and the Brown Nosers.

So again whats the point of us busting our emailing backs when nothing is done anyway.

The 24/7 mods should be on this, not us, WE are not paid BlogTv mods. WE are reporters.

Does ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX chase after drunk drivers or bank robbers, NO they report on them, WHY cause that IS their job. Just like it is NOT our job to bust pedos over at the BlogTv, WE are only reporters, not BlogTv mods. WE get paid to report not turn in sex offenders, WE do our part with emailing our stores to law enforcment.

So we do send these screen shots, just going above your heads is all.