Friday, November 21, 2008

Copy Cat Sites

Wow this is amazing, ever since we opened this site there are have been so many new copy cat reporting sites open up with a streak of Green envy, One site copies our stories, another site copies our stories and format, another bought the lets talk domain and has it directed to their site, cough*plagiarism*cough. But the one thing that sets us apart from all the others is we do not brown nose, we are here to report on all of BlogTv, not just certain people that we are friends with or a few we hate on, but the whole realm of what is BlogTv. As we so differ from the others we DO NOT engage with the blogtver's shows or chat nor do we befriend any one from BlogTv as to keep our stories unbiased and true to fact. They say impersonation is the highest form of flattery. Thanks Guys!!!


Tabitha said...

You guys are #1 and will always be.

Anonymous said...

Yea this is the best site! Why didnt you gusy buy a REAL website. it would have succeded and i would have donated like 20 Dollars Seriously. i come here everday!

Let's Talk said...

This website works great, no problems on our side.

steven said...

Lets Talk is hella the best I have seen.

Lets Talk FTW

Pamo4 said...

Hey guys. I'm not afraid to show my name on here. This is def one of the best websites i've ever been during my whole life as a "Vblogger".
I hope you uys realize that you're doing a great job by giving this oportunity to many people of knowing what's going on around the web, specially on websites like Blogtv. I've done many shows talking about anything i feel like in the moment and i've met great people. But sadly there's a lor of pervs and freaks around and i've seen those pathetic shows were little kids show what they're not supposed to.
I would feel honored if u guys let me talk about you and your work on one of my shows. You have a clear message and i would like to help to spread it.
Let me know and we'll talk.
Have a nice week.