Saturday, January 17, 2009

BlogTv Ad-Share, Is it safe?

While cruising around the BlogTv neighborhood last night we came across a couple of people talking about BlogTv's Ad-Share program. Apparently the worker at the BlogTv Ad-Share program sent out one of the Ad-Share partners PERSONAL information to another Ad-Share broadcaster. Not only did the information belong to a minor but this other person now has this guys, name, address, cell number, home number, skype and other personal internet information, parents information and loads of other information. How in the name of any god can this happen? Let's just hope the receiving party of this information is a good person and destroyed it and does not use it for any reasons.


Let's Stalk BlogTv said...

hey i posted on my blog again

some interesting stuff there too

lol wheres all your traffic lol oh yeah

Let's Talk said...

We know you post every day along with your new counter you post every day adding thousands of hits, your a sad lot shawn.

Our traffic is just fine as you can see with our add roll we have

Monthly Impressions: 46,860 and
Monthly Unique Users: 2,130

Just click on the adroll advertisment you can see it's their stats not ours.

wheres all your traffic. don't hate us cause you ain't us.

you freak.

Let's Talk said...

One question...

what is with

all the

double spaces

are you that

desperate for

attention that

you have to make it

so obvious that you are

crying so loud to get

any attention you can,

lil guy?

michael robin tang said...

lol, ive heard the rumor as well. I am also a ad-share partner ::).