Friday, January 16, 2009

Calling the kettle black

As many of you know, people have been hating on us for what some say, "Let's Talk don't tell the truth." And your opinions are fine we know the truth hurts some, but hay, if you can't get over it, then you have the problem. We know BlogTv has been slow and there are alot of YouTubers slacking on there shows, but is that any reason for a blog drama site to out right lie about us just to make a post? A BlogTv gossip site claimed we are provoking people to broadcast porn on BlogTv so we can do stories, that is INCORRECT. The drama site has lowered themselves to out right lies in order to gain traffic from all the Let's Talk Haters. If you have read their story you can notice some cleaver "photo shopping", As you can see in the actual chat room, at no time did we ever ask anyone to show porn, in fact we suggested not to. Not enough for you haters. Go to our chat box scroll all the way to the top hit <<< previous 35 until you reach the date Dec. 22 2008 and there you can see the conversation we had. So before you report that WE don't tell the truth you might want to do your own dishes before TRYING to do ours, but hay thanks for the publicity we love it.And for all the amature porn stars we have reported on like Matthew Lush and ShaunTheKingKeene, YOU posted YOUR porn on the internet, so YOU should have no problem with PEOPLE talking about it, YOU got naked, YOU had sex, YOU recorded it, not us :P
So you can only be ashamed of yourself, don't blame us.


Kyle said...

Glad to learn that photo was shopped, however I still strongly disagree with your choice to post porn of these guys. It has NOTHING to do with Blogtv and it has caused both of them (ShaunTheKingKeene especially) harassment. You always talk about blogTV creating and not doing anything about all this harassment (which i usually agree with) and now you have caused these broadcasters a ton of harassment. While I usually agree with your pedo bust and other articles I think you have crossed the line big time here


Anonymous said...

i <3 little boys.

jermaine said...

Shaunthekingkeene never said he was ashamed of the fact he did porn. In fact he is open about it on his show. However, your post took his show from interesting convos to having moronic idiots constantly begging to see his cock, and harassing him. Also there was no blame in his comment on your page. it was kind of jacked up what you guys did, but I guess you see justification in making peoples live harder just because? Anyway I've said my peace.