Sunday, January 18, 2009

mod_Tina is a fail

Looks like mod_Tina was busy chasing down a broadcaster that was showing a thumbnail of wizkil on their show. Instead of doing her job and keeping the underage broadcasters off BlogTv that are flashing gang signs. So what is more important, Underage broadcasters flashing gang signs, or a broadcaster showing a picture of wizkil? In this case, a broadcaster showing a picture of wizkil.


Kyle said...

BlogTV moderators base which rooms they go to on how many flags they receive. If a room of someone showing wizkil gets more then flags (a flag representing a person affected) then a mod will go there a first and eventually will reach a room with a few flags. Only if NO rooms are flagged are they free to browse the site and look for TOS violations. I think she is doing her job fine. If an underage broadcaster has 2 viewers and no flags it may take awhile. Keep in mind you can't PROVE a broadcaster is underage. Looks can be deceiving. I don't look my age. All that mods can really do is ask age and then ask a DOB, surprisingly many underage broadcasters fail to come on with a valid DOB. Just some things I took away from this article


Let's Talk said...

Kyle -
We get the kids ages before we post the stories, not that hard really just ask them they tell you.

You also support our claim that we made months ago - That there is no 24/7 moderation, only the community moderates the rooms. IE mods only go to rooms that get alot of flags, thank you for pointing that out.

We also believe that they only have one mod on at a time, dealing with all these "thousands" of people.