Tuesday, December 16, 2008

WhattheBuck on CNN
Making the ca$h

WhattheBuck was on CNN spilling his beans. WhattheBuck aka Michael Buckley makes over $100.000.00 a year making his YouTube videos. As we reported weeks ago that BlogTv pays him also, all parties have denyed this claim. If this guy makes 6 figures off of YouTube he is going to give BlogTv Freebies? We think not. Congrats Michael Live your dream.


Rockland USA said...

I'm so glad that Michael has stepped forward to tell everyone that he has been doing this for several years before he made a dime off of YouTube or anyone else. I have been talking about this for the last month or so - I am afraid that the teens are looking at the YouTubers making money and thinking they can just ignore school and pursue some pipe dream driven gravy train. It doesn't work that way. It takes A LOT of work with a dash of luck. Mike is not stupid - he is a highly intelligent person who knows how to deliver the product. I have always been a fan of this guy - he is the real deal. Who cares who pays him even if it's BlogTV - he would be one of the few thats worth his weight in gold. If I ran BlogTV I'd pay him too. Charles Trippy? Not so much. Thank you Michael for being REAL!

Kyle said...

What? blogtv doesn't deny paying Buck money see this articlet tha BlogTV Ceo Guy Eliav posted a link to on his twitter http://newteevee.com/2008/12/09/blogtv-wins-youtube-stars-to-make-a-web-tv-network In this article Buckley says the reason he joined blogTV is because they gave him the best offer of any streaming site

UpJumpUp said...

I agree Rockland ... he has worked extremely hard to get where he is, and he deserves everything he is getting.

And the scary part is, is that there truly are a lot of people out there now that believe they can throw any old video up there from a nokia cell phone, and expect the dough to just start rolling in.

Congrats Michael! You earned it :)

Anonymous said...

What's the direct link to the video on CNN?

Let's Talk said...

To Kyle,
We posted an interview with the CEO of BlogTv and we said then they pay these guys, Kara Hannah posted a comment that it was not true. So BlogTv in fact denyed this.

Anonymous said...

hey charles mabey you should call a different fire department... cause you just got a good BURN! from maryland.