Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Escape Interactivity Day 3

Well it looks as if The Escape is a large bucket of fail. The rules seem to have changed due to the change of cast. The binks didn't make it very clear in his video, how it all works but now he wants the viewers to vote via text message. Now we are not sure but is this a way for the binks to make sure the game comes out "a certain way" as he claimed in the Escape-Gate recordings. Now how is anyone going to be able to prove TEXT votes.

Tonight JordenAndrews let us know there will be NO Interactivity tonight and that the producers were not going to let us know, now isn't one of the "big deals' about this show all about the "Interactivity" that is to be taking place to set this apart from all other "reality shows". Geee Thanks Binko, keep your viewers and fans informed.

We are wondering if there will be a 3 or 4 way "tie" in the text votes to account for half the cast that probably left already.


Anonymous said...

The "vote off" was the final nailsin the coffin. In fact, why event try to escape? just have to wait for the others to get voted off. And if you do your best to solve the challenge and help the team, you can still be voted off by some morons mass texting the system. See the problem?
My guess is that at least 2 contestant, maybe 3 already left the building, fed up of that bullshit.

Rockland USA said...

I personally hope Binko gets out of this what he wanted - though it's not clear what that actually is. As far as the Txt'ing of votes - radio stations use this method in order to sway their results a certain way - industry fact. Anything that isn't visible to the public can be changed. Can we all agree that the Escape is like MTV's The Hills - a scripted reality show. Okay, so The Hills got cancelled - that's not the point. Binko, you need to bring back the interactivity of the cast with the audience. Personally, I would have used that interactivity to my advantage to cause drama, stage clues, create cliffhangers, etc. Those interactive sessions were not that entertaining and could have been produced more wisely. Just my opinion. If those elements ARE in the interactive sessions I'm missing them completely or I dozed off. Good luck on your project Binks.