Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What People are Saying

Looks as if Steven Binkos, The Escape is not leaving a very good impression on some people. After stopping by binko101 for updates this is what we found left behind by some not so pleased viewers.


Anonymous said...

Well, that isn't saying much as Yahtzee is the infamous DeeinBC... She is just upset that she caused such drama and didn't get to be on the show! Oh and ask anyone who knows her, Yahtzee is one of her many aliases on here! Just sayin!

Anonymous said...

Yahtzee is Dee_inBC. Duh. lol

xethos said...

You don't even know what's been going on. That's all I got to say.

Grunger said...

"...the Escape is not leaving a good impression on some people"
Do you not realize that everything people do isn't gonna be approved

And i agree with xethos (<3 michelle!) You don't know what the hell is going on. so maybe you should know what is going on before you criticize for them not being there...

Steven said...

To xethos
We do know whats going on Binko is a FRAUD.

The interactivity was what was to set the reality show apart from all the others.

Binko said himself, "this is a way for the viewers to interact with the contestants, being able to tell them do this or dont do that."

all the interactivity has been so far is. whos fucking who and who smells the worst, that's about it.

There is No host No direction or No platform for these live interactive shows.

Binko did this only to feed his personality disorder to make everyone think he is better and more important than everyone else.

$40,000 EPIC FAIL

The only people that will be watching his recorded shows will be camp binko no one else is interested, we seen it and its boreing.

Anonymous said...

i agree with steven

this is all about binko

where in showbiz does the prducer take a photo with the cast as part of a give away.

Real World NO
Road Rules NO
Survivor NO
The Bachelor NO
The Bachelorette NO
The Nanny NO
Celebrity Fit Club NO

Not only that but the application for season II of the escape is just a copy of The Real World application.

Why is there no NEWS coverage maybe cause he doesnt have the proper permits that are to be HUNG in PLAIN VIEW on the set along with insurance papers. as any busniess has to.

i agree just a narcissistic fourty thousand dollar EPIC FAIL

Grunger said...

to Anon.

have you ever thought that this isn't like other reality shows. as i recall, in all of those shows you listed have little to none reactivity at all, and they are pre recorded and edited. The Escape is like no other reality show. You can Interact with the contestants and ask them questions about the goings on of the competition.
"Why is there no NEWS coverage"

This is a trial run of sorts! and this isn't as wide spread as other reality shows