Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BlogTv Pays?

This is odd. Just a few weeks ago, Kara Hannah was crying that BlogTv was having money problems and now they have started Video Ad Revenue Share Program. That's right you can now make money off of your shows from The BlogTv. Now that WhatTheBuck has gone public with the money he makes off these internet sites, looks like The BlogTv can't hide the secret anymore, so much so, that they are gonna pay you now. However you first have to be accepted, and they have the right to terminate specific member participation in the program for any reason. Now with all the politics that go on over at the BlogTv who's to say, that if "Brown Noser" gets pissed off at you can they have you "terminated?" They already have the power to get your account blocked for "ridiculous" reasons. Either that or they found out they have to pay American Income Tax and they need write off.


Anonymous said...

also for the record, advertisement revenue is not taxable ;)

google it yourself ;)

Let's Talk said...

we did google it,a,1329,q,640559.asp you want to read #2

Must you people keep making yourselves look like total idiots?

Any moneis made from America are subject to income tax in America.

UpJumpUp said...

Well, it is official ...

To be eligible for the partnership program, broadcasters are required to have a minimum monthly viewership of 10,000 per month.

That's too bad, there's a lot of great shows out there that would probably flourish if given a bit of incentive by blogtv.