Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Escape Interactivity Day 4

Well, again no host and no set plan of action. The first part of the show was the cast talking with friends and ignoring the rest of the viewers. After the binks left, BlogFag started the honesty where you PM a question the the cast and they have to answer honestly, that was the only interaction with non-friends. When someone asked, "Do you wished you stayed home?" There was a very "loud silence" from RiseXAgainst and AmandaRama as they had no comment.
There is talk about legal issues with the cast members that bailed out, as we heard in one of the cast members shows tonight. Other than that, it was all about how bad they stink from not bathing and who has hooked up and who wants to hook up. The pretend phone sex call between BlogFag and AmandaRama was kinda funny.


Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome this is finally happening. Everyone said it wouldn't, and it has!

Anonymous said...

Just seeing these big broadcasters come together is so cool to me!