Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas carols with Lorax

Lorax and his viewers write a Christmas song about BlogTv.
See if you were one of the BlogTv'ers that made it into the song.

Really, now whats not to love about this guy.


Anonymous said...

Lorax is just sad about his small penis. lol

Anonymous said...

Lorax is so F-List. lol. No-one cares about him.

Steven said...

funny how the camp bink haters have no balls to post with an account name.

fucking losers

Anonymous said...

Same shit, different pile.

xethos said...

Funny how you assume they are apart of 'camp Binko'

Let's Talk said...


It's not like we haven't delt with Camp Binko before.

Every time we report on binko the hate comments flood in not only that but all the hate follows the same lines. What is really funny as with your posts alonge comes 3 to 6 hate comments all at the same time, we are not stupid although some like to think so.

For months Binko advertised that his show was going to be interactive and as of yet this is NOT the case.

so again we say, if you don't like what we report don't come back.

Sylvia said...

That song just about made my day. It actuailly made me laugh. Nice One Lorax :)
And Yea, i know, A member of camp binko actually liking something Lorax does, AMAZING huh?!?! :)

xethos said...

hey, same back to you.
If you don't like Steven or The Escape or anything related to BlogTv...simply don't go back.


Anonymous said...

Xethos, what you fail to realize is that this website was made to report on the happenings over on BlogTV. If your friend Binko weren't such a douche nozzle, chances are he wouldn't be written about as often as he is.
Again, this is a BlogTV gossip site.