Friday, December 5, 2008

Saturday Night Event

This Saturday will be a rather interesting one. After twoseventeen had made some very scandalous recording of the Binks talking about riging his reality show, The Escape, twoseventeen let Lorax know what was going on, Lorax being a contestant on The Escape got rather concerned about these recordings, and had second thoughts, if he was going to be attending the low budget horror reality show. Twoseventeen left the following information on our comment boards. "I will be broadcasting a show on Saturday night at 10 PM EST. where I will do The Escape Expose. I will play recordings and I will reveal my side of the situation to better inform the public."
You can catch the show here:
You know we will be there.


Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting he's doing this before The Escape. Seems to me like he's trying to get the other contestants to drop out.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous:

The other contestants already dropped out. There are only 3 of them left.

Anonymous said...

I posted this in the other story further down the page, but I think it needs to be said again:

Travis I can't wait for the show. What none of you know is that Binko only came out and talked when it was something big. All other times he had his "assistants" do all the grunt work. Oh, and he was going to make the contestants do all the grunt work on the sets once they were voted out. How about having to WIN you essential items back (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant). And not even knowing where the location of it will be during the whole thing is a little scary. I APPLAUD Travis for being able to conduct a TRUE reality webcam show without any rigging, being able to talk to his players in a professional manner instead of acting like a butthurt cry baby over every little thing, and coming out to his FRIENDS when he sensed that something was wrong with it. I am sure there will be many other things that come out from his expose. You can bet I will be there with bells on.

xethos said...

In my opinion, I think it's pretty crappy that Twoseveteen will most likely NOT play the part where he offered to do the coding to rig the polls. And if for some HONEST reason he does hopefully then you will all hear how that was most likely said just to get Steven to agree to rigging the polls on recording.

Either way...shady.
'Camp Binko'

HoboManda said...

Xethos - I won't speak for 217, but how are you so sure he won't include that in his show? I certainly knew about it prior to you posting about it.

xethos said...
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xethos said...

I didn't say I knew for sure, I said in my opinion...meaning I could be totally wrong about what he will and will not release from that recording. I just think the whole situation with recordings is shady.

UpJumpUp said...

What exactly is "The Escape"