Friday, December 5, 2008

Escape, through the grapevine

We received this message this morning,

Lorax, HoboManda, Viper, and ThatGuyJacko are all out the game 100%. Jacko was unable to obtain a travel Visa, and the other three all sent in their notice to Binko last night, informing him that they would no longer be taking part. The word on the street --- Blog-Fag (chuck), has also dropped out --- once again, that is only what I have heard, but I have not been able to confirm it yet.

This will mean that three players remain from BlogTV: AmandaRama, one2vibe, and RiseXagainst. The real question is will any of those three go? lol. Word is that Steven is now have a casting call locally in order to fill the missing spots.

Now this is just getting to be all "kindsa" messy. We will keep you up to date on all that we find out. STAY TUNED


HoboManda said...

This would be correct, yes.

HoboManda said...

Also, I have told Binko I hope that his project comes out the way he had hoped. Best of luck in his endeavor. I made my choice after much back and forth debate, but I do believe this is the best choice for me.

xethos said...

Since Binko isn't allowed to post here. I can confirm that yes, Steven did a casting call and has backup replacements for EACH contestant.

Rockland USA said...

Who wants to watch 'The Escape' with Floridian replacements? Where is the viewer interest without BlogTV personalities? Blah.