Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kara Hannah

Kara Hannah the Community Leader acts more like the disrespectful kid down the street that you DON'T want your 13 year olds to hang out with. Is this the role model we want our kids to be learning from? This very telling video lets you in on the shows Kara Hannah does for anyone to watch, including our 13 year old kids.

After seeing this video we know why Kara Hannah is good friends with White_Liar, you know the guy that admits that 13 years old girls get him excited, neither one of them have any respect for kids AND is probably the reason for the lack of moderation on BlogTv. If google does not see this as a site where the COMMUNITY LEADER is in fact PROMOTING this kind of behaviour, then the problem is bigger than we thought.


Anonymous said...

incredible post.

Anonymous said...

I think Kara manages the BlogTv Blog too? If so, she is also guilty of promoting the shitbag Binko, cause there is now a blog about the escape. They also put a banner on the main page of the site. Pathetic.

Let's Talk said...

Ball-less Anon

We agree, if this were in the "real world" any network that thought a show they were airng was fraudulant by intent or by any means at all they would have pulled the plug. But not BlogTv they promote it.

Stay tuned for an up comming post about fraud and the BlogTv, very eye opening.

CFL - Lolatyou said...

HAHAHHAAH fuck yes!

Great post and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet she deletes her videos now, just like she deleted the fourms.

Run but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS KARA-HANNAH IS GOING TO GET FIRED W00T i sent this video to the Moderators and herself LOLOLOLLOL how does it feel now Kara? Losing your job?!?!? Ahaha thats what you get for banning me! LOZERRRRR

Let's Talk said...

Ball-less Anon

We are not looking to get anyone fired, we are just showing the public that there are reasons the the moderation is so rotten on BlogTv.

This behaviour MAYBE being one of them. Not sure, just putting it out there.

Kyle said...

What does this have to do with moderation on BlogTV? She is not breaking any rules and she is not a moderator. Swearing is not aganist the rules on BlogTV and if parents monitor what their kids do then they wouldn't even be on BlogTV.

On a side note hope everyone at Lets Talk had a happy holiday.

Let's Talk said...


The point here is...

BlogTv opened their door and invited 13 year old people to their website.

This is how the Community Leader the "role model" of BlogTv conducts her shows.

Is this proper content for impressionable 13 year olds?

H20 said...

Blaming people for not being a good "role model" is such a cop out.
If parents don't want their children exposed to foul language, then they need not to let them watch tv / go on the the internet / be apart of society.

Let's Talk said...


Cop out? what's the cop?

This fact.

Sorry you live in a shit hole society, come to America, it's not all that bad.

Anonymous said...

C'mon she is just having fun, going along with the community of inbreed halfbreed who spam her show. I think this is a good attitude to have to mmake fun of thoses spam comment. After all, what are you looking for? that BlogTV unleash TsaHal on their ass?
And on another matter: why all this noise about protecting kidz that you are going to send to afganithan to die anyway when they reach the age???

Isnt that a little bit hypocrite?

Save the childrens, and let them die later?

Anonymous said...

This is totally unprofessional on her part. She's acts like a child herself. She's tooo young/immature to be in charge of blog; right on kara you have now just offered to hang yourself even more. What an added bonus to use if shes ever part of any lawsuit down the road and yes I agree with one of the previous comments after seeing this all her videos most likely will be deleted. What the hell Kyle are you going on about, having fun is one thing but shes supposed to be professional duhhhhhhh. She's such a class act NOTTTTT!!!!

Anonymous said...

If BlogTv allows 13 year olds on their site and this is the manager of blogtv, she is a hypocrite and or has no respect for kids or their parents.

BlogTv needs to up the age to 18 and older if this Kara Hannah means what she says.

Notice she don't comment here anymore either, funny.

Tabitha said...

She went to American schools and this is all she came out with?

Class Act lady.