Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not 1 but 6

Why has Shawn1979r not been spamming our site this morning like every other morning. Could it be that there were 6 underage broadcasters on the FRONT PAGE of the BlogTv and he was busy 4channing on them? We know that the mods have their hands full but come on guys there was only two pages of shows and these were all on the FRONT PAGE.

We are to believe that these mods monitor these rooms. NOT!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I don't understand exactly what your employee number is but it does a great job at moderating blogtv!

Perhaps you could give some educational tips to the mods at blog, say for a small fee..

It amazes me to no end how you are able to find all the stuff you do, I don't see it so much, so I give you major kudos!

Your staff should be paid by blogtv for moderation!

Anonymous said...

The mods don't do anything unless you flag a show, or this site posts about it.