Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at Pmee's House

If you are missing family this Christmas. The house of Pmee and her ever so randy co-host Allan make you feel like family. These very warm english folks are broadcasting this Christmas Eve. Not just for the holidays these wise people are always welcoming to viewers and love to hang out just like we do.

To you both, and have an outstanding 2009!!!


Anonymous said...

These two are very delightful; they're fun to watch, listen to and have to be the hippest seniors I know. I wish them both all the best in 2009

linda said...

If you feel a bit sad they will cheer you up and you will smile then you laugh and you are happy again,The pmee house is a happy,very cheerfull site .Full of fun and entertainment.. Best wish,s for the new year

Alan (pmeescohost) said...

Patricia and I would like to thank 'Lets Talk BlogTv' for your kind mention and those who made the comments. Have a great New Year folks and take care. xoxox