Monday, December 29, 2008

AmandaRamas peen

Nope, not Amanda's but her boy toy Bob's peen. A viewer sent us this screen shot of the ever so hung Bob. GREAT JOB Amanda nice peen. Now we know AmandaRama knows all about the BlogTv rules and TOS we wonder if she will get shut down or not or if this will effect her Ad Share that she may be apart of. Will Amanda the princess of Blogtv get shut down, only time will tell. We doubt it.


Sarah said...

Everyone is given a warning first, I've been in rooms where this has happened, mod comes in and warns and then if they are caught again it's no questions just banned.
Amanda's never really done anything like this so it shouldn't b a problem, especially since it was 1. on co-host, and 2. was covered/window was closed right away.

Mary said...

If I'm not mistaken this was broadcasted in blogfag show not hers. He hasn't been on blog that long since his return and he has always pushed the limits. I find him very vulgar and I could care less if either of them are around since I have no interest in either of their shows anymore. Both have been in the past given plenty of warnings and yet they are still around. It's called favortism!!!!

God said...

amanda will get banned as soon as all the anons and newfags get banned for flashing balls when they offer to cohost newbie shows.
Anons and btards get priority over established broadcasters.