Monday, December 29, 2008

Dancing Queen

We got a few on this one also, Thanks guys. This guy was dancing his little gay tushie off. Bless his little scarf he was dancing with cause this was something we did not want to see to much of.After about 40 minutes of this a mod_Stooge showed up and shut him down. What took the mods so long to get there you ask? Well we are not sure but, you can see WhatTheBuck was broadcasting so we are sure they were in his room, busy making sure the hightest paid BlogTv guy was ok.

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jonasbrothers19 said...

I actually watched this for a few min and this guy was funny!! and a good dancer. He pretty much just showed his ass and even when the mod did show up he didn't stop the show for about 10 min so I'm guessing he enjoyed it too!