Monday, December 29, 2008

From the Community

These BlogTv users want to tell BlogTv a few things that the "community" would like to see and why they are losing traffic.

Great ideas guys, but good luck, knowing how they do things at the BlogTv unless it contains drama of some sort they don't do to much about it.


Chris said...

Wow thanks for featuring my video.

Let's Talk said...

No problem, we help out the people that are ignored at the BlogTv.

As you may know they are very discriminative as to who the help and who they listen to.

God said...

MULTIPLE cohosts???
that will never happen.
whats the matter you can hold your own audiance? this is about your show not the guest you bring in, get some content and you wont need cohosts.
Cam4 does it???
go to cam4! Blog is trying NOT to be like Cam4
Have control over waiting rooms???
people like charles drippy shitcarl and sxefail doesnt even bother acknowleging thier MAIN rooms what makes you think they will give a damn about the waiting rooms.
Private rooms and videos???
Blog is about bringing new people to chat for advertising pouposes, so it will never happen
To whoever made this video you are a FAILURE..You know what will be a big help? if you dumb ass stick to you tube cause your Live show totally sucks anyways and you get no subscribers.

Joe said...

I'm agreeing with God...