Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We don't know what to say

BlogTv posted this on November 23 2008

One of our readers sent us this on November 24 2008

The same reader sent us this on November 25 2008

Why are we speechless?
Because the person that sent us this was in these rooms for 10 minutes or longer and flagged the shows numbers of times.


And if the person did not flag the show this 10 minutes would have turned into an hours long free porn and child abuse.


Jane1963a said...

I left this post on another thread, I want to leave it here as well:

well... I went into a room just tonight, where two little boys that were acting inappropriately on cam. They were also co hosting people who were doing the same. Inappropriately meaning, showing private parts and such. I flagged the room several times. No mod showed up.
A couple of my friends were in there taking screen shots to send to the mod, and as they did, no mods showed up. They had been there,flagging and emailing proof to mods for 30 miniutes. waiting for a mod to come. No mod.
I was there for at least 20min. This behavior was happening repeatedly. I flagged several times, no mod.
Then, another friend of mine contacted me that he was in a room and the host was a male, masturbating on cam. He flagged for 20 minutes, no mod.

These are not seldom occurrences, this really IS a problem!! If it were a case that the mods were busy and they missed one or two .. that would be different, but THAT isn't the case. The mods are not even on the site. This "Moderating 24/27 For Your Protection" is a big fat lie!! That is false advertisement BIG TIME !!!

Jane1963a said...

That was last night when I left that post.

MY GOODNESS!!! This is getting more and more out of hand. Someone told me that we were speaking out about these things because, we were on a smear campaign for blog. How can someone think that when it is so obvious what blogtv is doing here.

We are on a campaign to protect the children. I just hope to God that some one of you who are taking these actions, really makes a difference in time. Before we witness a tragedy. This is frightening

Anonymous said...

The moderators do moderate. This does not mean that they have the magical ability to be in every room at one time. These people did the right thing by flagging show. And now the accounts are closed.

Have you ever compared BlogTV to other popular web-cam sites like Stickam? Flag someone there and see how long it takes them to reply... days and weeks some time.

The paid moderators ARE doing their jobs. Every cam website has these issues. Like I said in another post, just report them and move on. They WILL deal with it and always have. I'm sick of you saying they aren't doing their jobs, when they are. You have no clue what their job entails or what they were doing at the time of the incidents you listed.

Just putting that out there, but expecting everything to be deleted as you have in my previous posts that haven't matched up with your beliefs and views.

Jane1963a said...

That is absurd Shawn!! These articles and post are not generated by me and the independent reporter alone. LOL There are many other posters on this site. LOL

Anonymous said...

1. prove it :-)
2. who cares who letstalkblogtv is?
3. why do you care? do you want to stalk them?
4. if this was damaging Jane and IR might pursue it as libel but since your false accusation isn't damaging WHO CARES!!
5. it must be a canadian thing :-)

Anonymous said...

well in our fine jurisprudence system if you feel you have been libeled or slandered by anyone you always have the option to bring a civil complaint against the offenders. but i've been told the burden of proof may be on the plaintiff to prove that the false statements are indeed false and the attorney fees are outrageous! And that, only after legal discovery from both sides' attorneys. You do know what "discovery" means don't you? Or do they have that in canada?

Let's Talk said...

LOL this is so funny.

Another round of, "Who's Let's Talk?"

Well you might want to ask Binko and his minions. They tried to flush us out last week. but to avail.

We are a "WE"
We are not a "he" or "she"
We are a branch of a larger Blog Reporting Company.
We are reporters
We have rules
We can not enter any chats
We can not befriend anyone on BlogTv
We may never broadcast on BlogTv.
We may never come to BlogTv unless we are working.
We do get fired for breaking rules.

So please don't even think you know or even have a clue who "we" are, You are so far from "that good" it's rather pathitic. Again ask "the Binks" we are sure he has alot to say on the subject.