Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Straight from the horses Mouth

Oren Levy, founder and CTO of BlogTV, says that the company's site is focused on 2 million dollars and makes $10.000.00 per month.
If you watch you can see this guy gets nervous
when talking about money.

Interview Oct. 2008
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Now if you do the numbers,
"MILLIONS" enter the site each month (video time counter 01:40) and 20,000 unique broadcasters each month. Each person that views a show, clicks on any page including, checking your messages, watching your recorded videos, editing your videos and clicking on any page within the BlogTv domain, that mind you are in the "millions", and lets not forget the having to F5 god knows how many times per show and they only bring in ten grand. Google pays per page loaded, and if you click on an ad you get more money... Not to mention the mobile platform that they make money from also (video time counter 04:15) and they only make 10 grand a month. Maybe numbers add up differently in Israel and the 80% of your money making American market does not understand why you allow pedophiles to attack kids everyday after doing the necessary research as said by Kara Hannah on those matters and not having the proper tools to protect these kids.
Isn't that what research is all about?


Anonymous said...

makes sence

if one million people go to blogtv.com that ='s

one click on blogtv.com
one click on live now
one click on a show

that alone is 3 million clicks

they are making bank and crying poor

steven said...

No shit and if those 1 million people happen to click on 3 shows added to the already entering the site with 3 mill add another 3 mill and they have 6 mill. a month and he makes ten grand my ass.

how many people logon and just watch 1 show.

they are racking in the fucking cash and not watching these kids.

fucking scum

Anonymous said...

25 people on the team??

25 people are running this site, including mods...

Jane1963a said...
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Jane1963a said...
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Let's Talk said...

Ummm Shawn1974r dumb dumb,

We use google ads we know what they pay.

As we have said many many many times before.

If you dont like what we post DON'T COME BACK.

Anonymous said...

the "rosie live" videos here come as NO surprise to anyone.

noticing the "shwag" you "guys" are selling now... it seems to me that you "guys" are just trying to capitalize on someone else trying to capitalize on "child pornography".

tisk tisk.

Anonymous said...

HEy I have a question...
I've been looking at this sight for some time now, and if you guys get paid so much for your posts, why don't you start your own website off of blogger, that way you could djavascript:void(0)o more with it?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Good point Shawn. Careful; they might delete your comment though!

Jane1963a said...

Shawn you are such a liar, you know very well that Lets Talk is not me, or the Independent Reporter. You really are getting absurd here.