Thursday, November 13, 2008

TokyoCooney Interviews La Carmina

TokyoCooney does it again, his one on one interviews are always the best. Tonight he was interviewing, La Carmina owner operator of an online Goth Fashion Boutique and Blog. La Carmina taught us that Goth Fashion is more than just black hair, black clothes and eyeliner, and after looking at her site this Goth Fashion has some very cute styles and looks.
While taking questions from the viewers, all the normal questions were asked, are all goths into, pain, piercings, BDSM, and all the wild stuff everyone thinks about the "Goth People" and basically she explained to each question, Depends on the person if your into it, you are into it, if you are not into it, you are not." So it all boils down to, people are into their own things just because you are into a "style" does not mean you give up your personality and personal desires and do what everyone else does. Tonight he was broadcasting LIVE from Roppongi Japan.

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